Digital Ocean - setup never finds hostname

I’ve tried numerous times, however when Discourse set up checks the hostname, it NEVER finds it accessible on either 443 or 80.

This is even though I’ve used the standard Digital Ocean set up which states these ports are open.

I’ve checked DNS for the sub domain I’m trying to using and all looks ok.

However when I try set up the same always comes back:

"Checking your domain name . . .

WARNING:: This server does not appear to be accessible at
A connection to (port 80) also fails."

Just testing at the moment, but the Droplet is at and the test domain is

Can anyone help, all I’m looking to do at this stage is try out Discourse, I’m 4 hours in already and got nowhere!


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Looks like you have some DNS issues.
Domain and subdomain are unresponsive on my side, nor in

You should check where you manage the domain if everything is correct.
If you changed the DNS recently, you should likely wait everything is propagated, up to 48h.


Thank you, how odd!

Been using the same Domain company for 5 years, usually very good


Thank you.

Used a different domain provider and all working :slight_smile:


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