DigitalOcean deployment wizard

Continuing the discussion from What about a Desktop app, to replace Slack and the like?:

Has anyone else tried out the DigitalOcean deployment wizard for Kaiwa? Seems that something like this could simplify the process for getting Discourse up and running for folks.

  1. Click button on
  2. Sign in/up to DigitalOcean
  3. Complete web form with all the necessary initial settings & click Create

That’s it … shortly thereafter you have a web app up and running. All the code they used to do it is in their GitHub repo.


That sounds like a great idea. If it happens, I’d like to see the install scripts send out test emails to the various admin accounts prior to completing the installation. Otherwise, I suspect there would be a lot of people with a single-click install who aren’t getting email from Discourse and are unable to access it.


This isn’t really the process we want to make easier; I was referring to our hosting signups. And the post-install “getting your discussion site set up” stuff.

The self install part is pretty easy as it is… the email is what trips a lot of people up. And that would be crazy hard to automate, unless we start running a mail server, which brings me to our hosting…

Point being you can only make this so easy without directly controlling all the bits involved.

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