Directly removing post does not utilize the Trust System?

More of a request for clarification, but if a moderator deletes a post directly (via the delete button) because the post something we don’t want even hidden on the forum (like something obscene), does that simply not utilize the trust system?

What do you mean? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Do you mean, you feel the user should be notified somehow of admin / mod deletions? There is an existing topic on this, search for the words “loss aversion”. You could also look for “ticketing suspension”.

Sorry if that was unclear. It may be because I’m just failing to understand how the system works. Let me rephrase it. If I flag a post and take action (hiding the post without waiting for more flags) the content stays there. It’s hidden, sure, but it’s still possible to view it. There are some cases where that’s simply not acceptable (e.g. pornographic material). It seems like therefore the only option is to delete the post with the trashcan icon under the post (Is there a way for mods to directly delete content rather than just hide it that I’m failing to see? Is that my misunderstanding?)

If I’m understanding the way the system works, that seems like it does not affect an accounts Trust Level. (note: I’m only a moderator, I don’t know if admins get more feedback or options on this.)

That feels like a case where a manual intervention - i.e. talking to the user - is more appropriate than automated action.

Well, there is a count of deleted posts (deleted not by the user, but by someone else) on the user’s profile visible to staff. That’s usually a sign of trouble if it is a significant number.

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I believe @reaperoa requests to take the deleted posts into account. I am going to move this topic to Feature.

Perhaps tl3 requires max flagged should also apply to this circumstance.