Disable e-mails to staged topic creator

I have a category with a “custom incoming email address” configured, so that it functions as an inbox for a specific e-mail address belonging to my organization. We use this address to collect e-mails, often automated, from various services we subscribe to. When receiving an e-mail, the created topic is the natural place to discuss said e-mail among ourselves. However, and especially when the received e-mail is from an automated sender, we often want the option to discuss the e-mail in private, without every reply to the topic triggering an outgoing e-mail to the (staged) topic creator.

Is it possible to do this as an administrator without changing ownership of the topic?

If the users discussing the email are staff members, you can do this with whispers. Whispers will not send an email to the staged user. See: How do I create a whisper post?


Interesting, I didn’t know about that feature. Unfortunately in this case the users are not staff, just members of a specific group with permissions to the category.