Allowing email from a stranger because I trust them. How?

I am trying to automatically send Around team room notes to a category in my Discourse site. I am stuck with StrangersNotAllowedError, because the email comes from and there is no user with that email address.

Can I add this email address to an allow list, similar to what I did with the “Autogenerated email” allow list? Do I need to create a user with that email address? Can I? (My guess is no, because that’d be a serious spam issue.)

What are my options?


See Use Discourse as a Private Support/Ticket System

I’m still reading, but it looks like “Configure incoming email to create new topics or group messages” in particular describes what I need: to create a staged user for and give them permission to create topics by email, presumably by setting their trust level high enough or by setting the trust threshold down to 0 on the category to which they will post.

I’m still reading, but if you already know that I’m already on the wrong path or missing some key ingredient, please tell me.

Yes. And they don’t even need to have an account at all. That’s what the "staged user"stuff is about.

I believe I have it working. In short:

  • “Email in” is enabled.
  • Anonymous users are allowed to send email to “Category X”.
  • An incoming email to “Category X” becomes a new topic.

This seems to work. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. It seems like a more-focused document about this would be helpful. I might write that.

I think that there is other documentation for staged users and email in.