Disable email notification of moderator status

I ran an import yesterday and got a frantic email that all moderators received a “YOU’RE A MODERATOR!!!” email notification. Most of those moderators weren’t supposed to know about the impending migration just yet.

I ran this same import script a bunch of times over the past couple weeks (not to mention a whole bunch of imports over the past 3 years) without this happening, so I guess something happened in the past week or so that adds this notification? A quick look at recent commits didn’t find it.

I modified my script to include active: false in the user creation record, but this is likely to bite other people as well.

disable_emails=non-staff is set, but moderators are staff, so . . . I guess I’ll disable all emails too.

I’m not sure what the feature request is. . . Disable these notifcations in base.rb? oh, but

oh, but then it gets un-set in reset_site_settings, maybe. Add a “don’t notify users when promoted to moderator or admin” setting?

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I think it’s better to use the existing disable all mails setting.

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This honestly sounds like the perfect use case for mailhog.

It lets you (and your client) see exactly what email will be generated by the migration and if appropriate release it to the outside world. Part of my standard toolkit now.