Disable email notifications

How can I disable email notifications to non-admin and non-moderators about any kind of activity in discourse?
Let me put it in other way… non admin and non moderator users should only get notifications about the post and replies, rest all email notifications should be turned off. is there any setting for me to enable that feature?

See disable emails in email settings:



Do be aware setting disable emails to non-staff will stop any emails from going to non-staff users, including essential emails like password resets and the like.


I dont want to block all emails going to non-staff.
They should atleast get email notification for the posts they are working on. like replies to there own posts.

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There is a user setting here

You might be able to set defaults for users.

thanks !
but that doesn’t give me the option to send emails just for post replies and not anything else.

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Your welcome. Not sure what else to suggest