Disable mail notification for staged users


we are using the mail in feature for our general contact address. Then, we can discuss in Discourse what to do with that mail and who is to reply. We do not want the sender i.e. the staged users to be notified about the discussion.

  • Can mail notifications for staged users generally be disabled?
  • If not, maybe notifications for a certain category can be disabled as default for everyone?

or is there any other idea to achieve that?


The point of the feature is that you can reply to them by replying to the topic that is created, just as if they were a regular user.

If you need to have a discussion about the user or topic that the user doesn’t see, you might use Discourse User Notes.

Yes, I understand the idea of that feature and it really makes sense - just not for my use case.

I understand you reply, that it is not possible to achieve that.

Maybe it is possible to set the permissions, so that a group can not reply to topics using normal replies, only using whisper replies?

We do something similar internally; we use CSS to hide the Reply button for certain categories.

I’m sure it would be pretty easy to write a theme component that disabled replies on certain categories or inboxes unless they were whispers.

(or at least popped a big warning - some people have that as a userscript)

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