Staged users not receiving user_replied email notifications

Staged users in our community are not receiving user_replied notifications for the topics they created by email. They’re receiving other emails, like post_approved and user_private_message, but not reply notifications. I don’t see them listed in the skipped or bounced emails either.

Any idea if this is a known issue or how I might be able to figure out what’s going wrong? Maybe there’s a setting I’m missing?

Our community is currently on version 3.1.0.beta4. I’ve confirmed that normal users receive user_replied notifications, and also that reply by email is enabled.

If there are any other details I can provide, I’m happy to do so. Thanks!

That’s quite a bit out of date, could you try upgrading?

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Resolved! The category in which we allow staged users had category mirrors a mailing list turned on, which appears to kill post notifications for staged users.

We turned off category mirrors a mailing list and all is well now. :+1:

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