Disable Reply as linked topic and / or Continuing the

Disable Reply as linked topic and / or Continuing the discussion from …

We have our forum set up where different sections / areas have different uses and different rules. Usually that works out well, except when a user uses ‘Reply as Linked Topic’ to move the discussion into a different area. Matters get worse when the ability to do this becomes general knowledge.

Is there a way to 1) disable the Reply as Linked Topic in a specific area or 2) remove the option altogether? Currently we have new topics subject to mod approval, but that’s a lot of extra work.

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So people want to have discussions but you don’t want them to?

You can hide the “new topic” link in the :link: modal with CSS, but what’s to stop someone from just starting a new topic about the Forbidden Issue in the categories that they can create topics in, either by including a link to the thing they want to talk about or just starting a new topic on that issue?

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The issue is them using the linked topic and bypassing the section’s restrictions of one post per user per thread / section. The way the linked threads work make it harder to find them without directly scrolling the section.

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