Require users to "Reply as Linked Topic"

My question is similar to this one: Can I effectively make a topic read-only?

Use case:
I have a 73 page rule-book documents that I want to post in our forums, using the magnificent DiscoTOC Automatic Table of Contents component.

I want users to be able to highlight a rule and click the “Quote” button to ask questions about specific rules.

I suppose that we would need to CLOSE the topic, but then it looks like users can’t click the reply button.

I want them to be able to “Reply” but ONLY as a linked topic… not as a reply on the Topic with the rule book.

What are the options to provide the best UX, when members are trying to ask questions or clarifications on specific rules?

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A small aside at the top of the rule-book explaining how to quote and reply as a linked topic, including small images to demonstrate.

Another idea is to allow replies, and field them there, and then select all the responses in a conversation to move into their own topic. One concern is that folks will be notified of future discussion, but on the other hand folks that ask questions about rules docs are probably the kind that don’t mind. :slight_smile:


Correct, and…

The above is excellent advice.

In addition to that, we did add an automatically delete all replies after x days setting but I’m not sure that’s what you are looking for here.


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