Disabling the "Your team hasn't heard from you" messages?

It’s surprising but I can’t seem to find any mention of this in searching (which makes me wonder if it’s a customization) but I occasionally receive emails saying “Your team hasn’t heard from you in a while. How about posting something here?” but there’s no way I can find to turn it off.

It’s different from the “Activity Summary” emails, which I do have disabled, and so I’m wondering if there’s a hidden setting, assuming this isn’t a customization, where I can deactivate the functionality?

Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 9.01.32 AM


This is a feature specific to Discourse Teams, I believe this is controlled by the enable inactive user emails setting (in admin > settings).


That explains why I couldn’t find it in core!


Thanks Kris! I pinged my admins to see if they can shut it off (otherwise I can just filter in Gmail, worst case).


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