Disallow to accept an answer given by topic creater


How to disallow to accept an answer given by topic creater.
Now question creater can answer on own question, so if i give badges for answers, user can achive it by asking and answering self questions.

Do you create new badges about this?
You must exclude the author id for solved badge.
The default helpdesk badge already exclude this situation. Check the sql from that badge to understand what I mean.


The forum I’m most active on has created a badge, “Learned One”, awarded after a user receives 10 “Solution” checkmarks. I understand that the first checkmark that grants the “Helpdesk” badge can’t be self-bestowed. I don’t think our “Learned One” should be earned using any self-awarded solutions. Is there a way to prevent this?

Bear in mind I’m a user. No administrative access, no documentation save what I’ve gleaned on my occasional forays into this forum.

technically this is doable, they just need to amend the badge SQL not to count self awards.


I’m guessing here - my SQL is extremely old, rusty, and was never much developed to begin with:

So someone with access, authority, and a basic SQL knowledge should be able to:

  1. Look at the SQL for the provided “HelpDesk” badge - which already disallows self-check
  2. Identify how self-checks are disallowed
  3. Look at the SQL for our “Learned One” badge
  4. Change the “LearnedOne” badge to add the test identified in #2


:thinking: It just now occurs to me that I never asked our administrators if the badge already has such a restriction! I think I’ll do that now :

This seems right, note I recall we have sorted this out via our support channel due to this being on a hosted customer.

Yep. Person you added to our PM conversation gave me info I needed.