Is it possible to have a badge for 100 solutions?

It’s possible to add automatically badge on user have most 100 solved accept ?

The Solved plugin comes with badges built in for 1, 10, 50, and 150 solutions - you just need to enable them -

Though to create one for 100, you can copy the SQL of one of those, change the threshold, and add it back in as a new custom SQL-triggered badge. There’s more info on that in Create Triggered Custom Badge Queries, and how to enable it here Enable Badge SQL.


Thank’s for your reply I understand now :slight_smile:

But when i test this query:

SELECT post_id, user_id, created_at AS granted_at
         SELECT AS post_id, p.user_id, pcf.created_at,
                ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY p.user_id ORDER BY pcf.created_at) AS row_number
         FROM post_custom_fields pcf
              JOIN badge_posts p ON pcf.post_id =
              JOIN topics t ON p.topic_id =
         WHERE = 'is_accepted_answer'
           AND p.user_id <> t.user_id -- ignore topics solved by OP
           AND (:backfill OR IN (:post_ids))
    ) x
WHERE row_number = 100

The result is :
Just 2 badges for 2 users but I know a other user have mor than 100 and not show on result query…

But this user have 106 solution:

Just another question it’s possible to change the text for my language ?I don’t understand how to that

The badge query doesn’t count self-solutions or solutions from deleted topics, whereas the directory one currently does. This can lead to a small mismatch in the counts.

You can update the text of the solved badges by searching for badges.solved in your customised texts, and that should bring up all the relevant fields: :+1:


What do you mean by “self-solutions”?

thank’s for update text is ok :slight_smile:

This line here:

It excludes any solutions where the solution is given by the person who created the topic.

OK thank’s you :slight_smile:

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