Discobot tutorial errors

I’ve been going through the discobot tutorial, and after a certain point in the walkthough, clicking the “Reply” button results in a javascript error being thrown.

It does not stop you from closing the error window and proceeding through to the next step. But it does fire again when replying to the next tutorial step.

Has anyone else noticed this? the toString error almost feels like it is because a message string is missing.

Also, the certificate seems to have a broken image Icon in it, is that intentional?

Can you repro this @jomaxro?

@codinghorror @jomaxro I updated the markdown to get the screenshots to show. I’ll test with the default theme and update.


Still on my list to test - haven’t gotten to it yet, sorry!


OK, just tested this out on Try. I did not receive an error when asked to mention discobot, nor were there any broken images on the certificate. Are you still seeing issues @joey.blake?

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@jomaxro I am. Perhaps this is related to the theme we’re using, though it looks like the _getSelected function is firing before the element exists to select.


I’m putting this here in case it rings any bells, I’m going to work on debugging the issue some more.

Regarding the certificate, can you post an image of what the certificate is supposed to look like?

The certificate looks like this:



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ok! I know what the broken image issue is. We don’t have a small logo to show where the Discourse logo shows.

1 down, 1 to go.


Found it. Some of our custom mixpanel tracking code was throwing an error. This is all good now.


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