Discobot not displaying text after the certificate

Thanks to @codinghorror for helping me with Can I view raw code of an unedited post?

Using this, I decided to see the markup that discobot uses to embed the SVG containing the certificate of completion of the new user tutorials. You can do so too, by going to your messages and using the method in the linked post.

I’m not going to reveal the method here due to security concerns, but I’ve noticed:

  • After you complete the new user tutorial, discobot should say, below the certificate:

    That’s all for now! Check out our latest discussion topics or discussion categories. :sunglasses:

    (If you’d like to speak with me again to learn more, just message or mention @discobot any time!)

  • And after you complete the advanced user tutorial (type @discobot start advanced tutorial in a single message to discobot), they should say, below the certificate:

    That’s all I have for you.

    Bye for now! If you’d like to speak with me again, send me a message any time :sunglasses:

But it doesn’t. After using my browser’s developer tools, it is clear that the <iframe> doesn’t have its closing tag., and the remaining text is inserted inside the <iframe>.

I did find it a little weird that discobot is not telling me where to go next after completing the tutorials. This is a bug that should be fixed.


Thanks for the report, I have a fix building here now:


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