Discobot - respond to 'help'

  1. Discobot should respond to help as well as the verbose display help

  2. how about changing:
    @discobot start new user
    @discobot start new user or @discobot start advanced user

I know my eyes glossed over the quoted section after that line since I read start new user and had already done it… and I was looking for advanced user.

@discobot roll 6d6


:game_die: 4, 6, 2, 4, 1, 4


I believe the limitation was around only 4 chars being used for “help” so it caused parser issues.

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display help was chosen because it was too short and new users will run into the default 10 min chars length for PM. We’ll need some way of having topic specific site settings which is quite a can of worms to open :crazy_face:


The problem is default minimum post lengths which we are rather religious about … @discobot help is 14 chars.

I believe our default minumum post lengths out of the box are 15 chars for post replies, and 10 chars for PM replies?

On top of that, you could rename @discobot to @bob as well which further complicates minimum post length.

Sure, but would it hurt to have discobot accept help as a synonym for display help?

It’s very natural in the flow after you go through the discobot tutorial.

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In a PM with the discobot, you don’t have to mention the bot as well. So help would be 4 chars.

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It would, when people typing it get an error due to minimum post lengths… there is this unavoidable tension between a system designed for chat and a system designed for sentences and paragraphs


I like the second proposal. I‘ve been analysing our users‘ discobot usage, and not many of them found out about the advanced tutorial.
They‘ve just stopped after the first certificate, and didn‘t run the help command after to find out about the advanced tutorial.

Imho everyone should do the advanced tutorial :slight_smile:



A late :heavy_plus_sign::one: for this.

Another idea is that @discobot should send a PM to users after they are some time in the community, just like the first time (one month, 2 month, etc. – again setting in admin page).
In that mail he should mention the help command and also that there’s another user tutorial: the advanced one.