Discobot stops responding when you respond "thank you"

One of our forum user was trying to complete the new user tutorial but they replied with a ‘Thank you’ to the first message that discobot sent them before bookmarking.
What is expected is that if they have bookmarked, discobot should send next message but it stopped responding until the tutorial was started again using the discobot start new user command.

Unless you can repro it on try.discourse.org it’s not a bug. Can you repro it there?

I just tried it, and it worked fine on Try.

My steps were:

  1. Open PM
  2. Reply
  3. Get Uh Oh response
  4. Bookmark initial PM
  5. Profit!

About to try

  1. Open PM
  2. Reply
  3. Immediately Bookmark
  4. will update in a moment… and the update:
  5. Wait a few seconds (20-ish)
  6. Get Uh Oh response
  7. Get Excellent response
  8. Profit!

I don’t know if thank you is some sort of trigger but this is a repro from meta about 9 hours ago and I’ve still to receive a response.

Here is the same behavior from try !

Maybe I’m unaware but does “thank you” stops the tutorial?


That definitely reproduces it. Instead of responding, Discobot likes the reply and you can go and bookmark the original post and Discobot won’t respond.

I then replied something else, such as, “discobot still there?” and Discobot reponded with “Hi! To find out what I can do, say discobot display help”, it is like it stopped the training.


Sad enough, there are a lot of aged veterans on a forum and they consider “Thank You” a part of their etiquette. Looks like that community is in a big trouble!

Hmm I can’t remember why we had “thank you” or “thanks” stop discobot, I vaguely remember, do you @tgxworld?

We had cases where people thought that discobot was a real human and was replying to it with thank you so we wanted to terminate the tutorial to avoid any further confusion.


Is there a way to add an exception to that?

And hence, all the load is being transferred to the real humans to educate them about the basic usage of discourse.

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