Discobot Type Message Automation

Looking at the flow of the discobot’s dynamic tutorial, it strikes me that this sort of automated replying would be a really useful feature to customise. For example if I ran a course with step-by-step instructions, I could have automated messages sequentially guide a user through a process.

I know it is possible to customise the bot, but is there any way to run a simple auto-reply to other messages?

There is the Custom Wizard Plugin :mage: or your could create your own plugin.

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I don’t personally know of a plugin designed to specifically do what you would like to.

If the Custom Wizard Plugin linked to above would take a bit more effort to setup than you’re looking for, discourse-templates would make sending responses manually more convenient. I reckon they’re your two best options unless you’re interested in creating a custom plugin as suggested by Pfaffman.

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Thank you both. I wouldn’t know where to begin with creating a plugin so I think setting up templates is a good solution here, especially as the community is just starting out so the manual step isn’t too taxing.

I guess the feature I was describing would be to just add an element of automation to these templates - could be a cool feature request to log!

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Hrm, actually… I don’t know if this is helpful, but you can configure Discourse to always email you when you receive a Message. It should be possible to implement the functionality you’re looking for outside of Discourse, and then simply use email to get messages in and out of the forum software.

I quickly googled around and came across this guide for Gmail, which includes using canned replies that automatically get sent based on filters (e.g. the incoming email features particular phrases);


If you use a different email provider, they likely have equivalent features.

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Maybe you can use Discourse Automation