Discobot vs a non-techie

It looks like during a “start new user” introduction, Discobot asks the user to post a link, after the user failed to provide what Discobot was looking for, Discobot repeated the request so the member could try again. The member tried to post the link a second time (incorrectly) and got blocked by System for spam. :crazy_face:




Discobot then begins taunting the user



I am not sure “taunt” is at all a correct use of the English language here… the relevant bit is

If you’d like to skip this step, say skip

Is it possible for a user to run afoul of the spam URL link checking here @tgxworld?

Yup I don’t think we check/revert the site setting here. I’ll have a look to see if I can disable that check during the interaction with the bot.


Looking at these screenshot two things come to mind:

  1. As a user, I would be quite annoyed with the bot telling me that it can’t see a link in my post when there clearly is a link there. So I think the copy could be improved here. I’m not sure what the best way is but I see two options:
    (i) remove the bullet points in the bot’s message so that this pasting error doesn’t occur in the first place.
    (ii) change the bot’s reply to something like “Sorry, if there is a link in your reply, there is something wrong with it. Are you sure it is on a line on its own, with nothing before or after it? Can you try adding…”
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I told @neil we need to exclude all PMs from the spam link check since there have been wayyyyy too many false positives on that in a variety of scenarios, not just this one – so you don’t need to follow up on this @tgxworld.


I am also changing from

Can you try adding the following link, on its own line, in your next reply?


Can you try adding the following link, on its own line, in your next reply?


using the < and > chars around the link to make it remain a plain not-oneboxed link, but easier to cut and paste.

(it’s not even possible to select that bullet in Chrome or Firefox, try it yourself, so this also presupposes a very bizarre browser the user is using…)


I committed a fix to ignore PMs.