Responding to discobot caused new user to be silenced

I just got a flurry of system-generated flags based upon a new user’s interaction with Discobot on our site. They were responding to the discobot prompts in the “Greetings” thread, but for some reason their first attempt at a onebox wasn’t identified by the bot… and then the second attempt led to them hitting the newuser_spam_host_threshold and getting silenced.

Sure seems like this shouldn’t happen.


I am having trouble understanding what you’ve written here. Can you provide specific steps to reproduce here or on please?

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I tried to reproduce in but couldn’t. All I know is what I — as a moderator — got notified about and can see.

  1. A new user started Discobot tutorial.
  2. Discobot failed to identify the onebox in their first post (not sure why, it looks right)
  3. Trying again meant they posted another link to the same domain in their first two posts
  4. Our newuser_spam_host_threshold was set to 2 and isn’t whitelisted
  5. @system sees the above, flags all the posts, and sent all moderators a message stating that “New user newuser posts blocked due to repeated links”

I’ve changed the newuser_spam_host_threshold to 3 because it was a little overzealous in other cases, too, but it sure seems silly that Discobot would ask for responses that could flag an account as spammy.

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I suggest whitelisting that. Perhaps this should be whitelisted OOTB on all Discourse instances?

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Yes, we can do that.

If we’re talking about a new feature, it’d be even cooler if we could provide the links and have Discobot suggest websites that are definitively relevant to our community and whitelisted.

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