Discord "Welcome Screen" onboarding possible?

Discord recently announced a very interesting new method for onboarding they call the “Welcome Screen”:

Regarding this they say:

When enabled, a modal will appear for new members joining that shows a brief description of your server and a list of recommended channels that they should check out first. Clicking on a channel option will take them directly to the channel. Everything is customizable by you.

The Welcome Screen is meant to help new users who often get lost in larger servers. So we recommend picking the most popular channels your members hang out in or channels that are most useful to new members. Generally, you should prioritize picking channels where members can actually talk or interact.

We ran this as an experiment with a few servers, and most of these servers saw :fire: significant increases in the number of new members successfully talking in the server and sticking around! Go check it out in your Server Settings! (Might need refresh).

Is anything like this currently possible with Discourse?


Yes. I use banners/pinned messages to explain this, and I also explain in each category description other categories they might want to visit.

One can also modify discobot to explain your sites’ concepts.

Customizing Discord is limited, whereas Discourse is used in a variety of ways, so I recommend customizing the welcome messaging. :slight_smile:


It’s a lovely idea! Basically a little page that lets people decide to opt into certain categories or not at the time of signup.


I use the Custom Wizard plugin for this smooth onboarding use-case. It’s not part of the core and its an unofficial plugin but it is well maintained by the nice people at pavilion. So if you are self-hosting, then you could install it and have users fill out their interest from a dropdown and add then have the wizard automatically add them to the related groups and/or update their profile fields to include some of that information. Lots of other options, but worth looking into if you are able to install your own plugins.


Love this idea! Would be a huge help to onboarding users.


It’s not quite the same since everything is visible by default in Discourse, it would be more like “what do you NOT want to see?” which is a very different question.

Question, when is this fully released? I would like to put in one of my servers. I don’t see an option to set it up.

Nobody’s working on this idea at the current time. As mentioned earlier, you can see if the Custom Wizard plugin works for you.

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