Discourse 1.8 released!

Originally published at: Discourse 1.8 released!

We’re thrilled to release Discourse 1.8 today, building on Discourse 1.7 from January. Narrative Welcome Bot Perhaps the biggest new feature in this release is our narrative welcome bot, which greets new users with a personal message and offers to interactively “play” the Discourse game with them. It’s a natural extension of our original, static…


Thanks for another great release - as always, painless upgrades and elegantly-implemented new features.


Awesome! Looking forward to the theme contest. Hoping to make an entry.


Fab. I’m really happy with this release - nice job, everyone involved in making it happen. :rocket: I wrote up a brief intro of the release for my community - see below. I am especially happy with the narrative welcome bot, which I think shows alot of promise especially if new functionality is added to allow sites to develop their own narrative tracks for various purposes. On our site geared towards helping communities to know, use and shape the law, I’d love to see a robot lawyer helping to refer people to organizations that can help them.

The topic timer is pretty amazing too… it’s a classy feature that puts a surprising amount of power right at our fingertips as moderators. Thanks for building that in.

In this day and age, the private email feature is not to be underestimated as well - thanks so much for helping sites to keep their users safe. I’d love to see that develop further to allow private email for private categories and messages but not for public discussions.