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Today we release Discourse 2.8, building on Discourse 2.7 from May 2021. For post 2.0 releases we’ve chosen a new set of codenames based on the history of human communication; this release is Audion and represents the invention of radio 📻.

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Another neat little thing that went out in this release, a quick shortcut for adding hyperlinks to a post. Here’s how:

  1. Copy any URL to your clipboard, say https://example.com
  2. Select some text in the editor.
  3. Press the paste key.

Doing this will turn the selected text into a link, → like so ← … thanks @gwwar for this cool outside contribution! :wave:


Thank you everyone that makes Discourse awesome! I remember having to make the hard decision of picking a forum software years ago and I’m confident that I made the right decision! I can’t wait to see what’s next!


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A few QOL changes. It’s nice when I’m just browsing. Now, all we need is multiple topic drafts.


Is this part of the release or a setting the forum admins made?
The number of topics is per month and not per week.

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This post explains when week, month or a total count are shown.