Discourse 1.9.0.beta17 Release Notes

New features in 1.9.0.beta17

Full rebake of all old posts

There have been a number of significant changes to post formatting over the last few major releases, but those changes only affect new/edited posts. To ensure the improved formatting is applied to all posts a scheduled rebake of all posts will occur. This rebake is limited to 100 posts rebaked per 15 minutes to avoid unnecessary stress on your server.

User login/logout webhook

Webhooks are a great way to be alerted when something happens in Discourse. Previously a webhook could be triggered when a user is created, approved or updated. Webhooks will now also be send when a user logs in or out.

New post selection options

Sometimes site staff need to select a large number of posts in a topic to delete or move. In addition to the existing ‘select all’ option, staff can now also select ‘select +below’ and ‘select +all replies’ for a more fine-tuned selection.

New Translation Languages

We added Serbian as a new language option in Discourse. To help translate Discourse to your language, visit https://www.transifex.com/discourse. If your language is not yet supported, see How to add a new language.

Security Updates

This beta includes 3 security fixes for issues reported by our community and HackerOne.

  • Don’t pass email backup token to sidekiq as a parameter.
  • Any group can be invited into a PM.
  • Prevent staged accounts from changing email.

Plugin improvements


  • Update audio onebox to accept opus files


  • Multiple bug fixes

Chat Integration

  • Minor copyedit


  • Show Voting on mobile topic list

Mobile Apps

  • Update to React Native 0.21
  • Support subfolder sites

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • Search log term details page
  • Converting code tags to Markdown while pasting
  • Keep supported HTML tags in HTML to Markdown conversion
  • Upload images and fonts in themes via hijack
  • HTML to Markdown conversion using native JavaScript ES6 classes
  • Store twitter supplied email for auditing

Bug Fixes

  • Stop forking regular backup jobs
  • Don’t disable details when below truncate limit
  • Refreshing Gravatar didn’t work
  • External links in whisper ended up in a white page
  • Clicking a link in a onebox wasn’t properly extracting the post_id
  • Load tracked/watched/muted categories on screen loading
  • Prevent loading of invalid locales from plugins
  • Data loss on update of single user_field.
  • Details tags broke excerpts
  • Validates ‘ThemeField’ name when used in a SCSS variable
  • Correct issue with search omitting words with multiple dots
  • moderators group wasn’t being updated to be messagable by everyone.
  • Properly omit inactive and silenced users from directory
  • Publish presence to allowed groups as well
  • Load the appropriate file for AlternativeReplyByEmailAddressesValidator
  • IE syntax error in regular expression
  • Add ‘SiteSetting.port’ to ‘Onebox.allowed_ports’ in development mode
  • Prevents global input width to impact input inside emoji picker filter
  • Don’t count users as replying long after they are done typing
  • Use hijack for emoji uploads
  • IE compatability issue in clipboard files array
  • Reset scroll position when switching tab in edit category modal
  • Wasn’t able to recover a post
  • Disable New Topic button if filtered to a tag and a category that you don’t have permission to post in
  • Inline head tag html pasting
  • Prevent :boom: when selecting replies to posts quoting themselves
  • A topic should be visited when you’ve read everything and there’s deleted posts at the end
  • Incorrect pending_users_reminder user count
  • Do not onebox flagged post link
  • Do not display used categories as selectable in categories notifications preferences
  • Make sure scrollbar don’t appear
  • Not permitted theme params when importing theme
  • Constant lookup error when exporting theme
  • Set a default color scheme when creating a new one
  • User#user_avatar may be nil.
  • Save whisper drafts
  • Post.reply_ids should also handle quotes
  • Wasn’t redirected to group inbox
  • Ensure we’re always changing 1 post ownership
  • Rake task for updating posts received by email should not crash
  • Empty uploads and blank filenames caused errors during validation
  • Links with query params to external sites fail to load if ga universal auto link domains is used
  • Make sure we don’t show scrollbars on toolbar-popup-menu
  • Replace invitee_name to inviter_name in translation overrides
  • Make sure new badges have a default type
  • Correctly count participants when more than 24
  • Do not send mailing list emails to unapproved users
  • Ensure staged accounts are always inactive
  • Path whitelist for embedded comments didn’t work with non-ASCII chars
  • Moderation History wasn’t working from timeline admin button

UX Changes

  • Better centering in presence plugin
  • Reducing number of overall font sizes
  • Reducing number of font sizes used in mobile view
  • Reducing number of different fonts used in Admin
  • Allow for iPhone X in iOS Hacks
  • Only publish presence when typing a message
  • Removing px font defintions and replacing with em
  • Don’t shown the ‘staff-counters’ div when there’s no counter
  • Increasing line-height for headlines in all post content


  • Add option to limit how many categories are processed in one call to CategoryFeaturedTopic.feature_topics
  • Better handling of headings in HTML inline pasting