No new+unread count/notifications in mobile app (subfolder)

Hi, I’ve just read the mobile application fixed for subfolder installation. Thank you for ability to connect to forums installed in subfolders. But both new+unread counters and notifications do not work, look in the picture:

Is it a bug or my fault or forum setup issue (beta13/beta14 in production)?

It’s mostly alpha support for now, I wanted to remove the error when adding, I will improve it.


Suddenly counters began working :grinning:. I updated nothing, just connected to wi-fi. Previously I was connected to cellular network…

P.s. 1 minute later my forums’ notifications from ‘ALL’ tab dissapeared again. Now I can see notifications from meta only, weird…

Sounds like message bus is not hitting subfolder


thx for the hint will check this

I disabled force_https option on my forums and it solved two issues:

  1. No new/unread count and no notifications in Android mobile app.
  2. Problems with zooming pictures (lightbox)

Obviously my external https-proxy has incorrect settings :neutral_face:. This topic is not actual, I think. Thanks to your time, guys!