Discourse 2.2 released!

Originally published at: Discourse 2.2 released!

Today we release Discourse 2.2, building on Discourse 2.1 from September 2018. For post 2.0 releases we’ve chosen a new set of codenames based on the history of human communication; this release is La Pasiega. UI refinements For consistency with mobile and to free up horizontal space for multi-column layouts, we’ve moved the category badge…


Holy cow, that’s alot of great stuff. Thanks for the hard work and the huge improvements going into this version, while helping us all to keep the lights on as you were rolling it out. It’s deeply appreciated. :sunflower:

If I were to have to vote for my favorite new improvements, it would be a tossup between the lazy loading of images (of huge benefit to our members in low-bandwidth places) and the improved search (which makes the :mag: even more useful - is that even possible!?).


Congratulations to the new release!

Looking over the huuuge changelog, it’s impressive to realize how many things have been added, improved and fixed since 2.1. When you update from beta to beta, the improvements come in drip by drip, so it’s good to see the big picture again :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for all the :top: work and the nice community you’ve built around it!


Much awaited release. I have been talking about it on my community since last week. Thanks Team Discourse. :grinning:


If you have not upgraded for a long time (4+ months) it is a good idea to rebuild from the command line.


Discourse 2.3 released!