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Hello, we seem to be working on similar goals here. I am curious about how your component fetches/stores listings? Are you using the eBay API?

Unrelated but I have a component that converts links posted in a topic to an EPN url. Maybe you’re interested in that?

I’m using the same code I use on my main site which is an official eBay tool. All I’ve done is create a bunch of house ads with different search criteria so that it served different ads on each page view.

Ultimately, I’d rather have my AdSense ads work properly so I didn’t need to do so many house ads – and get paid for impressions instead of solely clicks – but this is a decent way to monetize in the meantime.

Do you have the tool name? Or the code you’re using? I’d appreciate the tip. I might be able to solve your problems above too if I have a better idea of what the code is actually doing

Hey guys,
i tried to do the setup process for google adsense as shown in the tutorial.
I’ve set the ids and the ads.txt and edited the CSP values as well but for some Reason in the adsense Manager where i can enable/disable auto-Ads and that stuff it shows me that i am supposed to add a script snippet which shouldn’t be necessary with the adplugin.

If you need any other information or stuff like that feel free to ask me. I’m new to discourse so i don’t know that much about the support procedure and that :smiley:

The website is: https://www.bayerngamers.de

Greetings Bone2510

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