Discourse-app container starts then silently stops

You edited both the discourse-setup and a file that will be overwritten when you update discourse-docker. Changing anything other than your app.yml is decidedly non-standard.

Why? And whatever it is that you needed to change there, that’s not how to do it. You’ll need to put those changes into your app.yml.

Discourse won’t work on a non-standard port, so this is not a standard install.

The standard install includes postgres and redis in the single container. As pointed out, you’re using unsupported versions of redis and postgres. You can also do a two container installation as described here Move from standalone container to separate web and data containers (and you can use ./discourse-setup --two-container to have discourse-setup create separate data and web containers, though it’s a bit more complicated to mainain (you have to know when to update the data container).

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