ATM this kind of behavior is mostly handled by /admin/customize/watched_words/action/tag.

Yes this is already almost done (maybe not number of likes/votes though)

I’m afraid this will have too many specific parts, would have to be a dedicated plugin.


That can handle wildcards as input, but can’t carry matches through into the tag to be applied, can it?

Also I don’t think it can handle more sophisticated things (I’d want to tag fedora-linux-35 based on “Fedora 35” but not fedora-linux-is-awesome from “Fedora is awesome!”).

Re: archiving:

Cool. I think tags would probably be more important than votes or likes.

Re: thing interacting with external web query.

No problem. I’m already looking at an external bot using the API for this, and just wondered if actually maybe it could be all subsumed.



Is is possible to mention or send PMs to specific users if topic fitting specific category had got no replies for XX hours since first post?


This sounds like it should be possible, have you tried it to see if it could work?

I haven’t & plugin is not installed to our forum yet. I will certainly install it in upcoming forum re-build (we try to make it not as frequent) and will check if it’s possible myself.
I was asking to see if anybody know for sure, to skip installing plugin if it doesn’t cover such a task. The documentation on triggers & actions doesn’t seem to cover this use-case.

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Okay, true. But you can add additional triggers to capture the use case you need. Currently, we do that by making a PR to the plugin.


Is there a way To have automation watch a specific category, and upon topic close in the automated category, the system moves the topic from it’s original category to a new category or sub-category?

Also, is there a way the automate can notify the author when a topic automatically closes with a PM?

Hi! Are there any plans to add granting badges to the list of available scripts?


Hi @Carolina, great idea, I will implement it soon :+1:


I finished the pull request and this is currently awaiting review:

Note this will need an updated discourse instance to work correctly as I discovered a bug concerning badge granter while working on this:


Hey there !

I have a simple use case here: I want to automatically assign a random user of a group to each and every newly created topic on creation of the topic (discriminating by category would be a nice option as well).

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