Discourse broken after upgrade

Hello friends,
My discourse installation got broken after the upgrade from 2.5.0-beta3 to 2.8.0-beta1.


  1. click on Hamburger Menu doesn’t open any menu.
    Thus I can’t start any admin task.

  2. There are bug in JS Console (repeated many times)

popper.js:25 Uncaught Error: There is no route named admin
    at RouteRecognizer.handlersFor (popper.js:25)
    at NamedTransitionIntent.applyToState (popper.js:25)
    at PrivateRouter.generate (popper.js:25)
    at CustomWidget.href (application-fe9ee991da6504fca90ed9af1944975a34f8edf0ff952663df073d0806920bef.js:81306)
    at CustomWidget.buildAttributes (application-fe9ee991da6504fca90ed9af1944975a34f8edf0ff952663df073d0806920bef.js:81324)
    at CustomWidget.draw (application-fe9ee991da6504fca90ed9af1944975a34f8edf0ff952663df073d0806920bef.js:88387)
    at CustomWidget.render (application-fe9ee991da6504fca90ed9af1944975a34f8edf0ff952663df073d0806920bef.js:88162)
    at renderThunk (popper.js:25)
    at handleThunk (popper.js:25)
    at createElement (popper.js:25)

Any idea how to fix it?

Are you using any third party plugins? If so, I recommend commenting them out in your app.yml and rebuilding via SSH.

Did you do a full command line rebuild and upgrade postgres? PostgreSQL 13 update

Did you try How to use Discourse Safe Mode


The issue was fixed by doing the full rebuild

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app

and adding more disk space for the discourse.

Thank you all!


You might also try

./launcher cleanup

To clean up disk space. You likely have an extra copy of your database.