Latest update broke my forum

I upgraded to the latest version from my admin panel, and now the burger menu doesn’t work (nothing happens when I click on it) and if I try to go to the admin page (indirectly through some other page), I get a “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”.

I’m essentially locked out of my admin account, even though I am logged in as admin and can seemingly access the entire forum - just not the admin parts.

Please help!


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Just to add…

I had created a back-up admin account using a different email, just in case. I logged in through that using a different browser (Firefox, using Chrome with the original account), and still same issue.

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Welcome back @RaviJayagopal :wave:

Did you follow the official installation guide when you set your site up?

Do the issues still occur if you try safe-mode?

Do you see any errors in the browser console?

Do you have any non-official plugins installed?


Hi @Johani,

Thank you for your response. Yes, the installation was done as per docs. My site has been running fine for over a year, and I’ve done the docker manager upgrade and forum upgrade many times in the past year or more.

Safe-mode also doesn’t help. Still unable to get the burger menu to open up and can’t get to admin page.

I haven’t installed any plugins, official or unofficial.

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How long has it been since the last time you upgraded via the console? If it’s been a while, then I would suggest that you run the following after you SSH into your server and see if that fixes your problem.

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app

If it does not, then I would recommend removing all non-official plugins and trying another rebuild.


This is the error I see in JS console:

admin-931041a70cc9f399a2f29e2c4afe1ae3f4fdc800ae4847a500ff7fb1a18d4346.js:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

Do you use CloudFlare or any proxy in front Discourse?

No. Just a basic, default, out-of-the-box installation of Discourse on Digital Ocean, step-by-step according to installation guide. No plugins - at all.

And it’s been running fine for a long time now. Just the latest upgrade I did earlier today is what’s causing this.

See another JS console error in Chrome:

Uncaught (in promise) Error: There is no route named admin
    at N.handlersFor (_ember_jquery-c2cca4a19fd4c70eabc95b010a6d7643955ec2a2251aeb1d70f625773eebea21.js:67202)
    at t.r.applyToState (_ember_jquery-c2cca4a19fd4c70eabc95b010a6d7643955ec2a2251aeb1d70f625773eebea21.js:68624)
    at u.n.generate (_ember_jquery-c2cca4a19fd4c70eabc95b010a6d7643955ec2a2251aeb1d70f625773eebea21.js:69651)
    at CustomWidget.href (application-5ade79a09d5d305014f3543d57298f97e44330ed11effaa0f920f0fae5cc69de.js:71237)
    at CustomWidget.buildAttributes (application-5ade79a09d5d305014f3543d57298f97e44330ed11effaa0f920f0fae5cc69de.js:71253)
    at CustomWidget.draw (application-5ade79a09d5d305014f3543d57298f97e44330ed11effaa0f920f0fae5cc69de.js:77241)
    at CustomWidget.render (application-5ade79a09d5d305014f3543d57298f97e44330ed11effaa0f920f0fae5cc69de.js:77053)
    at renderThunk (vendor-6f134c08df0bcd1400292f4b6d77d179ad8668a38aede2b58bebaac15023e420.js:18307)
    at handleThunk (vendor-6f134c08df0bcd1400292f4b6d77d179ad8668a38aede2b58bebaac15023e420.js:18294)
    at createElement (vendor-6f134c08df0bcd1400292f4b6d77d179ad8668a38aede2b58bebaac15023e420.js:17663)

Just realized that clicking on my own avatar image right next to burger menu, also doesn’t do anything. No drop-downs or nothing.

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I’m not sure, this indicates a network issue and this indicates that you have some custom plugins.

I know you said that you don’t but It looks like you have some custom plugins installed - which might been installed by someone else or you might have just forgotten you have them.

So let’s rule that out first. If the commands here don’t solve your issue, can you please double check to make sure that you don’t have any custom plugins installed by checking the app.yaml file on your server?


Doing this fixed it.



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