Discourse calendar no longer shows any events (in some browsers only)

Does anyone else have issues on certain browsers? Seems to be fine for me on Chrome but not for others such as Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.




I’ve tested Chrome in normal, Incognito, Mobile browser and it’s fine on all. It’s just the other browsers appear to have issues (I’ve only tested desktop Mozilla and Edge; both didn’t work).


Yes, same for us.

I was asked by our users why the calendar does no longer show any events…

Took some time for me to find out, it is only in some browsers. Other browsers for the same user works as expected.

NOT working here in

  • Firefox on desktop
  • firefox on mobile
  • safari on mobile

Working FINE here:

  • Chrome (Chromium) on mobile
  • Brave on desktop (based on chromium)

Fortsetzung der Diskussion von Discourse Calendar:

As startet here Discourse Calendar - #407 by Steve_Emerson, I would like to point attention to an error we are having in our self-hosted discourse since the latest upgrade to 3.2.0.beta2-dev

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I have tested this with the latest Chrome, Firefox, and Brave browsers on Ubuntu. Events are showing with all of those browsers.

It sounds as though the issue is only occurring on Windows operating systems. Can anyone confirm that?

I’m not sure it would cause an issue, but for the browsers where events are not appearing, do you know if an ad blocker extension is being used?

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Hi Simon,

I can NOT confirm that. For us, the error occurs on iPhone and (latest) Andoid devices as well as on Linux desktop (MX Linux) with non-chromium browsers

I took the time and installed another browser: 115.3.1esr (64-Bit) on mx linux just to clarify on your question regarding ad blocker or other extensions

Unfortunately, also with that fresh browser without any extension and no DNS-blocking the calendar does not show any entries.

Any other suggestions? Is there a discourse installation where I could re-test the calendar? https://meta.discourse.org/ does not have the extension installed / enabled for me, so I can not verify it - same on https://try.discourse.org/

I already tried disabling each extension on our private hosted forum to check if they cause the problems, but seems not. Also discourse safe mode did not help

I dont know what I could do to come closer to a solution here. Please help

I’ve added a temporary calendar category to try.discourse.org so you can have a test. :+1:


I’ll have a think about popping a more permanent one on there as well. :slight_smile:


I have no problems with the calendar showing events in Chrome and Edge, but they aren’t showing up for me in Firefox. :thinking: I have the calendar plugin installed on two different instances and it’s the same for both.

Events are also not showing in the calendar in Safari in iOS on my iPad and they definitely used to.


Thank you so much Jammy for providing the calendar on the hosted try discourse system.

Also there my firefox and safari do not show any events in the calendar, while brave (which is chromium-based does):


Brave (chromium-based):

So the error is not related to our self-hosted discourse system. So we are at least one step further in the analysis.

I have also tried turning my browser language to english (our default is german) but did not help. Also, changing user agent string in firefox to e.g. latest chome browser did not work.

Any further ideas, someone?

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No idea if this is relevant, but there is a calendar-plugin related warning in firefox when I check the devtools console for the calendar topic

there is no such warning in brave devtools console

I can see the calendar item I added for 30th September in both Chrome and Firefox on my windows laptop, as well as Safari on my iPhone (both in the calendar in the topic as well as the category one) - that’s as anon.

I can only see the extra events you added in Chrome though. :thinking:


In brave, I see your events as well as the one I have added.

Also, no difference here between the calendar shown on category level and the one in the topic

Indeed, on try.discourse I can’t see the events with Firefox 118.0.1 on Win11 (works with Chrome 117.0.5938.132)
but it still works on an instance on 3.2.0.beta2-dev ( 75e8a6bf90 ) and with the calendar plugin only updated to this commit Update translations (#428) · discourse/discourse-calendar@afc2ee6 · GitHub


Confirmed, this is a bug on Firefox, we will get it fixed:

left is Chrome Linux, right is Firefox Linux


I believe this has been fixed in: :+1:


I can confirm this is fixed with the latest builds :sunny: :partying_face:

Thank you all for your support in evaluating and confirming this error, and thanks to the developers for the quick fix :heart:


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