Discourse can't reach hotmail/yahoo mailboxes


I am sure some of you went trough the process.

eMails generated by our discourse system, has problem reaching yahoo/hotmail Not even reaching the spam folder in some cases

Beside DNS : SPF(for the domain sending) and PTR record(for the host mahcine sending), beside having an MX records for the domain from which discourse host is sending emails, what else would help us reach hotmail / yahoo mailboxes ?

We don’t have problem with other domains, including gmail.

TKS !!!

How are you sending them? Your own mail server?

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Tks for the fast reply… Will get back to you… I need to get more information from my partner. But from what I know, email server is on the same machine and we created a PTR for the machinename.domain.com

a MX for domain.com

a TXT SPT record for that domain

But I don’t have the info, will get it, if the LInux mail server is on the same machine…

If you are sending from a shared IP address, your deliverability can suffer because of other senders’ abuse.


If you’re running your own mail server, look into DKIM in addition to what you already have, might help with delivery. I assume it’s also keeping logs somewhere which might give more details for the rejection.

At the end of the day, however, it might end up being easier to just use a service made for delivery like Mailgun.


See the mail debugging document. Try Mail-tester.org.

I’ve had lots of issues with those sites just throwing mail away or rejecting delivery. If you’re on mailgun you can have them move you to another ip. If it’s your own server, good luck.

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I don’t know about Yahoo, but regarding Microsoft servers (outlook, hotmail, live. msn, etc.) you can find important information here: Services for Senders and ISPs

In particular, you may want to register here: Smart Network Data Services to find information about your IP health and if it’s blacklisted by Microsoft.


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Yeah, exact same problem here, everything is configured good and good quality emails are sent, thanks @jfbourdeau for referencing me here :slight_smile:

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It is very strange that the emails directly goes to spam to those unreliable services (yahoo & hotmail), I mean since they are very good configured (dkim, spf, etc etc)

Maybe the reason was the sending of 100 invites bulk, + maybe influences the reason that this is a “new unknown sender” (I speculate that a sender gains reputation over time?)

I would like to use the own server to send emails as much as possible, will switch to mailgun just in case there’s no other option (no limits / no need to pay for any amount, etc)