Can you use Yahoo mail SMTP for Discourse?

(Charlie) #1

I am trying to test using Discourse on CentOS 71. I have Docker and Discourse installed…but the problem is configuring SMTP for Email for the initial registration. After installation I can bring up the web interface, congratulating me for successful installation, but it wants an Email address for registration. I have put in the settings for Yahoo mail in the app.yml file, and tried to register with my Yahoo email account. After what I think is a successful registration, I never get the email to complete registration. Is what I am trying to accomplish possible?

Thank you so much for your time.

(DjCyry) #2

Why do you need use yahoo ? And not mailgun , mandrill etc

(Charlie) #3

Thanks for the quick reply. I am fairly, and obviously, new at all this (as well as CentOS 7). I don’t have any funding for this at the moment, and am trying to install and get this running for free so I can demo this to my boss for implementation. I don’t ‘need’ to use Yahoo, but I already had a Yahoo account.

What would you suggest? Thanks again!


(DjCyry) #4

Mailgun are free . 10.000mails/month .
Please read this :


It’s easier/quicker to use the registar to configure the email provider but it still works with DigitalOcean if this provider is a pain in the ass to use. I should add a little disclaimer to this #howto

The worst that I encounter was, they sell domain name but if you don’t use their servers, you can’t configure anything (txt, cname) other than the dns domains. I had to use Cloudflare to link mailgun to the domain. It was fun.

(Charlie) #6

Due to the nature of the environment that I am in (DOD) I cannot use any cloud based host.

(Jay Pfaffman) #7

If you can’t use a cloud based server, you can’t use yahoo for email.

Is there an smtp server on your network that you can use?

(Charlie) #8

We do not have any control of our corporate SMTP server, and on top of that, probably could not use it as a relay. We can install Postfix. Is there a good way to configure it for Discourse? Do you think it would be possible to point it to gmail?

Thanks so much for the help.

(Jay Pfaffman) #9

In that case, unless the folks who manage your network are doing a very bad job, the corporate network restricts outgoing mail to approved SMTP servers. Most well-run networks denied outgoing mail from lan clients to external SMTP servers 15 years ago to keep infected computers from being spam-bots.

Do either of these connect?

telnet 25

telnet 25

Sure. If Discourse can connect to it and it will deliver mail, that’ll work.

It’s possible, but it’s not recommended an a violation of Gmail’s Terms of Service.

(ljpp) #10

Sorry for derailing the discussion, but are you suggesting that Yahoo is not cloud based? I don’t understand why a 3rd party email provider A is any different from a 3rd party provider B.