We are moving away from Discourse, through no fault on Discourse’s part, so I am officially declaring the CAS authentication to Discourse SSO application I wrote abandoned. We are moving on from Discourse because there was never enough support, on our end, to provide the level of moderation needed in a college environment. It is a great app and I will miss it.


Oh no, sad to hear that things didn’t work out! Thanks for the providing the CAS support you were able to though, it’s certainly helped me out at my previous place.

It is certainly a nice reference/inspiration if anyone needs a similar proxy in the future.


Thanks. I am happy it was of use to you. At a guess there were probably 4 groups using it on the planet which amused me.


Nope. We had used it in our client environments too, since we used CASino as the main SSO provider. So, your work was highly appreciated!

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