SSO on Discourse using Atlassian Crowd


We’re trying to enable SSO on Discourse using Crowd. We entered the SSO URL (crowd URL) and Application password (we set up the application connection on the Crowd server). However, after enabling SSO in Discourse whenever we try to go to our Discourse URL it’s redirected to the Crowd URL. What we want is to enter the Crowd information on Discourse and have Discourse only pull our LDAP information from Crowd and allow people to reach the Discourse login page and get in with the creds being pulled from Crowd. Has anyone run into this issue before?



Any ideas? You’ve worked on Crowd before, right @eviltrout?

If you’re talking about Discourse’s SSO module it’s meant for people to write their own integrations. Pointing it at Crowd won’t work because Crowd doesn’t implement our SSO specification.

However, we do have an official Crowd plugin that has been used by some of our customers. If you install that plugin in your Discourse, you can configure it to allow users to login via crowd and retrieve their information. I think that’s more along the lines of what you want to do!


@eviltrout Tried that and after applying the conf, after authenticating through Crowd successfully, it never gets redirected to Discourse home page. If the crowd plugin in can just pull the “LDAP” info, that should be ample for now and can tackle the SSO when more time is avail.


I’m not sure what you’re asking for here - the plugin is for authentication and creating accounts with the information back from crowd. I don’t see how I could have it pull a user’s information without authentication working.

I suspect your crowd setup is not redirecting back to discourse due to a misconfiguration. I’d try figuring that out. There are multiple people currently using this plugin in production so I know it can work!

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Thanks @eviltrout, We went back over our plugins and found some items missing there; re-installed and then we were able to get the Crowd application to authenticate users without issue. Thank you for your assistance regarding this!