Discourse claims that someone didn't not post for certain years but posted in a different date

I was looking into recent support topics, but I got confused as it says

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Kyle — their last post was 6 years ago.

but it says Sep '21 which means September 2021 and this year is 2023, and it’s 1 1/2 years since his last post


I think there’s some confusion. The note indicates the last time that person posted previous to the one it’s appended to.

then why it says “their last post was 6 years ago” when his actual last post is in September 2021?


Maybe it’s an idea to have those messages auto disappear after a week or so, since they lose value quickly and are only useful shortly after such a post.


It has cropped up a couple of times, and I think you’re right, it does make sense to ‘retire’ them after a useful window.

Edit: ux topic Removing Welcome and Returning User notes from posts after a set time :+1:


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