What does "Last Post" mean?

What does it mean to post, in this context? The user has never posted but there is a Last Posted timestamp?

It just means that the latest post you made is 16 hrs ago

In that case, what does zero posts mean (the other arrow)?

The image you posted is insufficient. Can you see a post in the members activity? Are there any deleted posts? Has a sufficient amount of time passed that you know the background job that updates the user stats table has run? Might the post be a Personal Message?

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Ah - you just explained it. I was just looking at this from a logical, not technical, perspective (that image basically suggests the user posted 16 hours ago, having never actually created any posts). Having only been using Discourse for a couple of weeks, I wasn’t aware how it works under the covers yet.

Thanks for the clarification.

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Since this is a new user - joined less than 24 hours - all of the routines that run to collect the tallies from each area may not have run. Once they all have, you’ll see things start to add up. Many times it takes hours before a new user will show up in the User Directory.