"Last post" message apparently wrong

Today I’ve spotted this:

An old topic (3 years old). Preceded by the message that the user hasn’t posted for 5 years. That’s confusing and apparently wrong I would say, as the topic is only 3 years old.

The “last post” in the user’s detail page is correct (March 2019).

His last post (that isn’t a new topic), is indeed ~5 years old.

The message is about the user last post before the post it’s attached to. It means that before the post on the picture, the last post was five years ago, and it’s meant so other users can react properly to either a new user or an old timer coming back.

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Maybe it’s better to call that their previous post?

Thanks for the explanation, understood. In addition to rephrasing as suggested by @RGJ, shouldn’t the time span be respective to the time of writing? When the post was written, the previous post was 2 years old. That it is five years now isn’t really the message here, is it? (If such a message makes any sense at all after this time.)

TBH and now I think about it, I think the entire banner loses its purpose after a week or so.