Last post message shows 6 month, even the last post was 7h ago

I noticed this there.

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The returning user notice is indicating that, prior to posting that message 7 hours ago, their previous post was 6 months before that. Does that make sense?

I think this cropped up recently in this topic too:

In fact, you have one on your OP here as an example: :slight_smile:


Right. The point of that message is to let people know that this is the first time that they have posted since their previous post 6 months ago. Obviously, this post was after that.

Perhaps the German translation needs work.

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I think the German translation has the same meaning.
In both languages it says “last post”, maybe “previous post” would clarify, that this talks about the post before the one below.


I think you’re right. It’s a subtle difference, but definitely more correct.