Discourse comments in sportpress

Discourse wp plugin is great and very usefull, but I use sportpress plugin for hockey leagues and i don’t know why there is no comments block on event, teams and players pages. All setting selected, but comments dispayed only in blog-posts.

Is there any ways to enable comments on all pages?


Make sure you have all the post types you want selected under the “post types to Publish” section on the “Publishing” tab. There is a Page option there as well.


All selected


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Do you have comments enabled for the sp_event and sp_team post types?

Where can I check it?

WordPress custom post types do not alway support comments. Look at the Screen Options tab on the new_post page for your custom post type. If there is a ‘Discussion’ checkbox, make sure that it is checked. After checking it, find the Discussion meta box (it should be underneath the editor) and then check Allow Comments.

If you don’t see a Discussion checkbox in the Screen Options area, then the custom post type doesn’t support comments. If that’s the case, you will need to contact the plugin’s author to see about getting comments enabled.

If the plugin is available in the WordPress repo, I can try it out.


It’s there and selected.

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That is strange. Do you have a link to the plugin’s website?

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