Discourse creators can you add lithuanian language to next update?

Its not all translated but its easy to trunslate in discourse so can you add in next update lithuanian language plz…

You are welcome here: https://www.transifex.com/discourse/discourse-org/language/lt/
If it’s so easy, translate it :wink:

Ps, if you want more advance translating process read:


But its hard to integrate language …

But… what happen with the easy word? :stuck_out_tongue:

It is not hard… just do this:

  1. Register on Transifex
  2. Go to Lithuanian team’s page and clic on “join the team”
  3. Wait for a team member to approve your request
  4. Start translating there, it’s very easy to use!
  5. Then wait that discourse team do the rest! They send your translations to the discourse source!

Good luck!


We rely on our community for (most) translations and although our team is distributed internationally we don’t have anyone that speaks Lithuanian so any help you can offer (by following SidV’s process above) would be greatly appreciated.


Ok i will translate …

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its to long to translate it all so plz help how to add already translated 38 % language to discourse …

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