What would it take to support Zulu language (we will do the work)

I am an English speaker in a rural South African town very close to the east coast of the country and Mozambican border. The area is called Kosi Bay (come do a remote coding retreat out here sometime!!!)

I want to encourage some of the local community to get involved in tech.

I had an idea that potentially those not as interested in code, but interested in language, could become involved and see their work displayed on our community discourse webpage that I started deploying today (https://kositribe.com for future reference).

I understand that Zulu is understood by fewer than 0.4% of the global population and that such support would be of little value to you. But even still, I would like to know where to start looking so that I can get the community involved.

If I could get a group hooked on tech, it could really bring in much needed capital into the area.

In the scenario where we collectively translate everything Discourse needs translated, is it at all feasible that such a PR would be merged?

Looking forward to hearing your approach to this matter.


Excellent! If you want to get started check out


I added Zulu as a new language on Transifex. Now all you need to do is encourage people to join Transifex and to start translating Discourse into Zulu.