DISCOURSE_DB_PASSWORD can not start with `#`

(Simon Wu) #1

Even you quote the password as DISCOURSE_DB_PASSWORD="#XXXXX". You can pass db:rake.
But you will meet with fe_sendauth: no password supplied error when starting the discourse container.

(Matt Palmer) #2

Can you give an exact reproduction of the problem, as in, all the steps you took to make the problem occur? It seems like there’s a lack-of-quoting problem going on in the guts somewhere, but without knowing everything you’re doing, it’ll be a lot harder to find it.

(Simon Wu) #3

Step to reproduce:

  1. Clone discourse-docker;
  2. run ./discourse_setup;
  3. vi containers/app.yml, and add the DB related config. and set `DISCOURSE_DB_PASSWORD: “#Blabla”;
  4. run ./launcher rebuild app;
  5. rebuild success, and container initialized and running;
  6. Visit discourse, it says 502;
  7. Inspect the log, it states an PG error with error message fe_sendauth: no password supplied

(Matt Palmer) #4

Thanks for the repro, I’ll see what we can see.

(Matt Palmer) #5

OK, after more than a little faffing around (there’s a lot of devilish detail behind “add the DB related config”), I got a repro, and have now committed FIX: Quote all strings in discourse.conf · discourse/discourse_docker@087e110 · GitHub, which should solve this problem.

(Simon Wu) #6

Ha, thanks Matt. I should give more detail about that.

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