DISCOURSE_DB_PASSWORD can not start with `#`

Even you quote the password as DISCOURSE_DB_PASSWORD="#XXXXX". You can pass db:rake.
But you will meet with fe_sendauth: no password supplied error when starting the discourse container.


Can you give an exact reproduction of the problem, as in, all the steps you took to make the problem occur? It seems like there’s a lack-of-quoting problem going on in the guts somewhere, but without knowing everything you’re doing, it’ll be a lot harder to find it.


Step to reproduce:

  1. Clone discourse-docker;
  2. run ./discourse_setup;
  3. vi containers/app.yml, and add the DB related config. and set `DISCOURSE_DB_PASSWORD: “#Blabla”;
  4. run ./launcher rebuild app;
  5. rebuild success, and container initialized and running;
  6. Visit discourse, it says 502;
  7. Inspect the log, it states an PG error with error message fe_sendauth: no password supplied

Thanks for the repro, I’ll see what we can see.


OK, after more than a little faffing around (there’s a lot of devilish detail behind “add the DB related config”), I got a repro, and have now committed https://github.com/discourse/discourse_docker/commit/087e11016524a613ee28b9b97a260971f939994f, which should solve this problem.


Ha, thanks Matt. I should give more detail about that.

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