Discourse_docker: discourse-setup incorrectly relies on "addr:" in ipconfig output

I previously posted this on the GitHub issue tracker which has now been removed (including my post), so I’m posting it here again.

On a Debian GNU/Linux 9.0 “stretch” VM runing in a KVM environment, the output of the ipconfig command does not return a string containing a pattern such as

inet addr:

but just


As a result, discourse-setup sets the IP variable to an empty string and the installation fails with

mydomain.net does not appear to resolve to .

A better approach would be to use something similar to

ip -f inet addr show $IFACE | grep -Po 'inet \K[\d.]+' | head -n1

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Have you done a git pull recently? That code has changed and now uses curl and nc to attempt to see that the domain name hits the current server and the port is open.

Please let me know if it works for you.


I had not done a git pull on the docker setup script recently. I am one of those backward people who appreciate versioned releases of software and frown at developers who only support the latest git commit. (I do not know nor claim whether this is the case for the Discourse Docker installer, yet, though it is the first impression I got).

Indeed the installer script looks much better on the latest commit and should work with single server installations. It would not reliably work in a load balancing scenario where HTTP(S) requests to a single IP address may end up on different servers to the backend (LB pool). But I do not know whether this scenario is even supported at this time.

I don’t think that acme would work in that scenario, but in any case, if you’re capable of doing that kind of work, you can probably crank up vim and edit the file by hand.

It also won’t work if you use a domain name that resolves only from inside the container.

I agree with your latest statements.

This said, if moderators here tend to somehow mark topics in the “bug” category ‘solved’ at some point then I suggest to do so for this one.

Not for the #bug category, but you should be able to mark it as solved now. I can’t since it’s not my question and I’m not an admin/moderator.

Thanks, Jay, I just did.

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