Discourse Docs + Pavilion Layouts Plugin

Hi All,

Does any one know how I can make the Layouts Plugin (Layouts - Pavilion) show on Discourse Docs pages

You can see an example of the side bar on any page on https://community.cyanlabs.net and then that it’s missing here Docs - CyanLabs Official Community

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@merefield @keegan any ideas?


@Fma965 @osioke

Unfortunately, the Layouts plugin at this time doesn’t support custom contexts.

Although the layouts plugin supports a variety of Discourse routes, since the docs plugin creates a new custom route at /docs, it’s not currently possible to add layouts there.

Perhaps this is a feature we may consider including in the future.

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Ofcourse everything is possible, any suggestions on where to look to implement this myself in a somewhat hacky way?

Ruby isn’t my language of choice but maybe I can still wing it somehow with some pointers?



Have a look at this commit:

where @angus added 3 new contexts for the plugin. It might point you in the right direction.


Many thanks :slight_smile: i will take a look shortly


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