(Hiring) Navigation Pane for a KB plugin

I really want to use discourse for our KB/doc repository. Our users already search the forums for answers, therefore having the official, evergreen docs in the same place is logical (and users could more easily contribute)

The current Discourse Doc plugin is not ideal for us. There needs to be a static layout for a doc/KB repo to be effective. Also, for multi-part topics, a static layout is a must.

The Job

I’m seeking to hire dev(s) for a KB plugin that renders a navigation pane like this

Adding a doc/post to the nav pane would be done from the wrench. When a doc is rendered the nav pane appears with the doc highlighted; and corresponding containing section expanded.


Other nice to haves, in order:

  • Multiple levels (actually this is a must, 2 levels probably enough)
  • Ability to have different title and nav bar entry (probably a must)
  • Like/Dislike and corresponding reports for admins
  • Prev / Next buttons in article
  • Breadcrumbs

Specs flexible, input welcome.


I’m new to this, and new to FOSS. Budget is flexible. Compensation can also include, if desired, access to our investment website and how-to invest demos :slight_smile: . Plugin would be contributed back.

We will begin migrating our docs to discourse in anticipation of this feature. Plz let me know.



hi @marco8vo welcome to Meta. not specific to docs or anything, but have you seen this plug-in? not sure if it would suit your needs but it makes custom sidebars in Discourse:

good luck with your endeavor. i hope you can find a solution to your needs here. :slight_smile:


I saw it thanks, but the author site doesn’t seem to do what the post you referenced says. I also need multiple expandable levels for a decent sized KB.


Layouts takes care of the layout element (ie sticking it on a sidebar). This is an important part of what you want to do. However, you will still need a developer to build the component itself and if you wish to combine it with Layouts, in a way which is compatible. There are already many examples in the wild demonstrating the required scaffold.


@merefield you up for it Rob? Our devs are great, but new to environment . Would take longer and cost more. Plus I’d want this done right so it can be contributed back. There seems to be high demand for using Discourse as a KB repo from my searching.

What are the alternatives? Don’t want a cloud solution. Or setup a whole new system for docs with MediaWiki, XWiki, Wiki.js, BookStack , etc? I’m considering it, but seems wasteful. Discourse is only missing this one thing to make it click as a KB. And would look great.

note: Docusaurus sites look great! Was discarded bc lots of our KB will be written by non tech and ease of use is paramount.


Uhm… are there some shady people in this group? Only activity they show in their profile is for marketplace requests. Writing style seems similar for different people. Also using PM’s to initiate contact.

Hi @Marco :slight_smile:

I can’t see which messages you’re referring to in your profile. Could you send me some examples by PM so I can look into it?


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