Discourse email notification shows HTML entities for ampersand etc

I dismissed it before thinking of taking a screenshot, but a recent iOS notification from my forum showed & for an & in the post title, and HTML entities for single ‘smart quotes’.

If this isn’t a bug then I would be grateful to be told the relevant site (or iPhone?) setting to fix it.

Apologies for the delay @Jonathan5, I just tried to reproduce this and wasn’t able to. I tried with a regular ampersand character (&), with smart quotes or with & (without backticks), no luck.

I’ll keep this open for a little while longer, just in case you (or someone else) see this again and can take a screenshot.

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I’ve spotted this again and this time took more notice.

It’s in the Subject header of the post/topic notification emails from my own forum, as viewed on Outlook or Mail on iOS and therefore as displayed on the iOS (email) preview notifications.

It’s not a notification from the Discourse Hub app and I’ve edited this topic title accordingly. In fact I don’t think the app is able to send notifications from my own forum.

Final message! I finally found time to look into this. The & in the title comes directly from the RSS feed that is being used to create the topic. So it’s a problem with that and not a problem with Discourse at all.

Sorry for causing the inconvenience!


No worries, thanks for getting to the bottom of the issue.

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