Discourse for Teams is here!

That’s a clever way to move people on free level of Slack over to Discourse for Teams! Archive slack conversations and fall in love with Discourse for Teams. Well done.


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As a general rule: move away from a platform as soon as Salesforce, Oracle or IBM buys it.


Discourse for teams is a great idea and from what I can see from the website the implementation is at least as great as the idea.

I totally get the move to go commercial only with this but I really hope that there will be some kind of open source implementation. I am in a ton of Slack channels that can’t afford a paid solution and all the open source alternatives to slack aren’t really as good and easy to force them to move over.

I haven’t been very active here lately but I find it interesting that I only got to know about Discourse for teams today - months after it started, even though this is something I am highly interested in.


Servus, Helmi! Great to see you are interested in Discourse for Teams. It’s still a fairly new product so I’m not surprised you didn’t find out about it if you haven’t been hanging out actively here on meta or following us on twitter!

Discourse for Teams is a hosted product built with Discourse. If you wanted to set up your own self-hosted Discourse and invite your slack communities over, you’re welcome to do that - Discourse is open source and is very configurable. But of course you have hosting costs and the effort of customizing and running it for all those comunities.

The advantage of Discourse for Teams is that it is quick and easy to spin up a site and get your team invited and collaborating. We also intentionally priced it so it is affordable for small teams. So you could conceivably talk with your slack channels about moving to Teams.

Feel free to spin up a free trial, and PM me if you want to brainstorm about specifics for moving your slack communities over. In case you missed it, you might like to take a look at Comparing Discourse for Teams with Discourse to learn more.


Danke, Tobias. Grüße aus dem Nachbarlandkreis :wink:

Appreciate the quick response. I’m totally aware of costs on self hosted instances and I agree that the pricing is fair for small teams. Unfortunately teams are often bigger (and still don’t have the money) which drives costs apart quite quickly between self hosted but open source and hosted and on a per user base.

But I really didn’t want to opt against the pricing model. It’s totally fair and I think you’ll be having some good success with it. I was always missing something that is as accesible as Slack or Discord but more organized and structured - this could be the right approach.

I will definitely give it a check at some point in the future. :ok_hand:


Yeah free, is, as they say… “a hell of a drug”. Of course free is a relative term, because…

We definitely want to reach price points that are fair and enable everyone to get the tools they need and enable us to run a sustainable business :hugs:


HI, has discourse teams the same capabilities as “stock” discourse has, and “just” adding a Teams perspective and tools on it? or is this separate, or can it collaborate with a stock Discourse? It the Teams API the same as the Stock discourse? can a integration i.e. fibery.io integrate with Discourse Teams as it can with Stock discourse?

many thanks


Hello Holger! Discourse for Teams is built using discourse and operates much the same way. The API is the same, and the same integrations will work. There are some differences though, which are explained in the following support article for details. Do spin up a free trial to experience it for yourself, and feel free to contact us at support@teams.discourse.com with any questions or feedback relating to your specific use case.


HI, we are currently a Slack user for all internal Communication suffering the Slack disease, means instead of slack is used as notification and “quick Chat” channel people tent to use slack for everything which wold be better and more durable be documented in Documents, wikis or other place like issues. For me a forum style communication would be a good middle ground wich gives a more persisted information by maintaining an open discussion. Discourse Teams seems even more to bridge both.

Why I’m asking about the API or Integration aspects, Despite the typical Ticket Systems we must operate for our Enterprise Customers for formal SLA aware Support I would also like to have a more informal way of communication and engagement. Something a Discourse Instance could deliver us IMHO, We still would need to set up some permission system for Topics or so, but in general this could work.
For more informal Conversations we cold also think about Chat based conversational support, But our discussion might outrun what fits in chat window and scrolls out and get forgotten. We tested to give Customers Guest access to slack channels, but after length over chat time, the content get rottet and is hard to back reference qualified follow up.

Now I’m wondering how a Tandem of Discourse Teams, replacing the Internal Slack Hell, and a External assessable Community Platform can work together, and may even a tool like fibery.io could cross connect all this things together by using API access to discourse which is already directly supported.

hope the use case is somehow understandable?



Nice! I like the way you are thinking. We tend to recommend folks use Discourse (or Discourse for Teams) as the long term memory, while chat can be fine for day to day contact and getting things done. So you are on the right track.

If you already have a Discourse community, you may want to explore simply adding some private categories for internal discussion and sharing of documentation. This will be easier and cheaper for you than spinning up a new Discourse for Teams instance which will be separate.

I don’t know any examples of people using the Discourse API to share discussions between them, though I suppose it isn’t impossible. Again, you might be better off having your team just doing the manual work of retaining information that needs to be kept for the long term in Discourse. You also will want to work out as a team what goes in Discourse and what goes in chat from the get go. For example, we put documentation in Discourse, as well as any todos and longer term business-related discussions that can’t be resolved immediately.

fibery.io looks interesting - I have not seen it before. I’d be interested to hear more about it and how you are using it with Discourse and your other apps.


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HI,thanks for the feedback. Is there any way that we could use discourse for teams and open some selected topics to the public?


Hello Holger! Can you tell us some more about your specific needs? Feel free to email support@teams.discourse.com as well. If you are interested in enterprise hosting, we can make it work.

But as explained in How does Discourse for Teams relate to Discourse? - Docs - Discourse for Teams | Support, standard Discourse for Teams hosting is entirely private and requires login to access topics. At least for now, our focus is on customers seeking a tool for internal communication and for communication with vendors/customers who can log in as guests.

We may eventually add support for a feature like Page Publishing if there is sufficient demand for it. Page publishing lets you publish selected topics as pages that can be accessed without logging in. Would that serve your purpose?


Ok the guest login would could fit the bill for now as we are not really ready for public community management due time constraints

Page Publishing sounds also good.

Based on all this Infos I’m more and more able to draw me a picture how all comes together. Definitely i can come back to you if needed. Currently I’m fine to keep the questions public


I just noticed that all mentions of Discourse for Teams is gone from the Discourse.org website. What’s happening?